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Off-Campus Access & Technical Support

Many of the Libraries' databases, electronic journals, e-books, and other resources are available online, 24/7! However, most of them can only be accessed from off-campus by current UW students, faculty, and staff and current Cascadia users.

  • You must log in with your eligible UW NetID
    supplemental and shared NetIDs are not eligible; see Borrowing & Access for specifics on eligibility
  • Connect through Husky OnNet OR the Libraries off-campus proxy service

      Husky OnNet

      Husky OnNet is a virtual private network (VPN) software application offered by UW IT to provide a secure temporary connection to the UW network from off-campus locations and can be used instead of the Libraries off-campus proxy service for connecting to resources. You MUST configure it for All Traffic first!

      Notes about Use

      Libraries Off-Campus Proxy Service

      Libraries Website

      If you are starting from the Libraries website, simply click on the resource you want and you should be prompted for your UW NetID when it is needed.

      Proxy Bookmarklet

      If you often do your research away from campus, you can install the Libraries off-campus proxy bookmarklet on your browser. The bookmarklet is a snippet of code saved in your browser's bookmarks that lets you start at a resource rather than the Libraries website and still route the resource through our proxy service with your eligible NetID so you can access it.

      Notes about Use


      • If you log in successfully, you will be redirected to your resource and will see offcampus.lib.washington.edu within the address bar.
      • Use your browser's forward and back buttons whenever possible to move around.
      • If you no longer see offcampus.lib.washington.edu within the address bar, go back to the Libraries website to reconnect to the resource or use the off-campus proxy bookmarklet to reconnect.
      • If you have a citation manager tool like Zotero installed on your computer, note that the redirection setting could cause problems if you are on campus - see Known Issues

      Limits On Content Downloading:

      The Libraries off-campus proxy service restricts content downloading to 100Mb of content during any 15 minute interval. Be careful when using reference management software such as Zotero, so as to not download too much content at one time. These restrictions are in place to discourage illegal downloading of content. If your session does exceed 100Mb of content downloads over a 15 minute interval, it will be temporarily suspended for a period of 2 hours.