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How to request copies

  • Identify the specific materials you wish to have copied, including order number, negative number or identification number. If item does not have a number, inidcate collection name, call number or description.
    • Photos and Documents: We strongly recommend you view the materials first to identify specific items for reproductions. This can be done either in-person or remotely using the Virtual Reading Room.
  • Review Reproduction Price List. Additional fees are charged for special handling and for processing if you did not flag the items yourself (either at an in person research appointment or remotely using the Virtual Reading Room). You can view the price list here.
  • Complete form. Phone orders are not accepted, you must fill out the UW Special Collections Reproduction Request Form
  • Payment. You will be invoiced for your order. Orders will be delivered after payment is received.
  • Delivery. Delivery is electronic. Your delivery will be emailed to you, or you will receive a notice that the order is ready to be downloaded via file transfer protocol.
  • Permission for use. Requesting a reproduciton is NOT a permission for use request. If you intend to use the image in a publication or other project, please visit our permission for use page for instructions on how to request permission