UW Libraries Investments in Open Access

Subscribe to Open and Diamond OA

Subscribe to Open (S2O) and Diamond Open Access are open access models where annual fees support the costs of the open access journal and there are no publishing fees charged to authors. The UW Libraries was an early supporter of Annual Reviews – Subscribe to Open, one of the first S2O agreements. This year we are expanding our S2O and Diamond OA commitments with the following journals:

SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics): UW Libraries' support for SCOAP3 ensures that authors pay no fees to publish in open access SCOAP3 journals, which include 10 key journals in particle physics.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: UW Libraries is a full member of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy International Association, which helps fund open access to the Encyclopedia.

Knowledge Unlatched: UW Libraries and over 380 other libraries have joined together to supports Knowledge Unlatched, an organization that works with its members to crowdfund the publication of scholarly open access scholarly monographs and journals.

Open Access Journal Hosting: UW Libraries offers journal hosting services free of charge.  Information is available for those interested in starting a new journal or migrating an existing journal to a new publishing platform and/or model.


In addition to journals and article publishing, we are also making investments to support open access e-book publishing. In the past we supported the MIT Press Direct to Open, and University of Michigan Press Fund to Mission programs. We also became supporting members of Punctum Books. We are expanding our investment in open access ebooks by supporting the Opening the Future model with Central European University Press and Liverpool University Press. By joining the Opening the Future model, UW users will get access to collection of e-books and we are supporting the publishing of future open access e-books from these two publishers.
These investments were made possible through Provost Reinvestment Funds dedicated to support the infrastructure for open access and to expand support for open access publishing by UW authors.

UW Press Open Access Books

Studies on Ethnic Groups in China: Most of the books in this series edited by UW Professor Stevan Harrell are openly available thanks to a partnership between the Libraries and Press, with the support of the Transformation Fund of the Kenneth S. and Faye G. Allen Library Endowment.

UW Press / Geiss Hsu Foundation Open Access Books: This collection of scholarship on Ming dynasty China and adjacent periods and territories is openly available thanks to the generous support of the Geiss Hsu Foundation.

Open Access Initiatives: The Press participates in several other open access initiatives including TOME: Towards an Open Monograph Ecosystem, the NEH Fellowships Open Book Program, the Sustainable History Monograph Pilot, Path to Open, and RavenSpace. Its open access books are available through the Libraries’ Manifold platform and ResearchWorks Archive as well as platforms such as JSTOR, MUSE Open, and OAPEN.