Mt. St. Helens Post-Eruption Database

Mt. St. Helens Post-Eruption Database

Draft 5/18/00; updated 5/5/04

Faculty: Professor Bill Zoller

Project Coordinator: Susanne Redalje

Metadata Liaison: Kathleen Forsythe



Dublin Core



Title: searchable, public/staff field; required field

Title of photograph.


Creator: searchable, public/staff field

Name of the photographer.  Input lastname, firstname.  Use LC Authority File for form of name, if available.  If more than one author, input in same field with <br> between.


Publisher: searchable, public/staff field

Use LCSH form University of Washington. Dept. of Chemistry.

Date of photograph

Date: searchable, public/staff field

Date the photo was taken. Expressed YYYY-MM-DD.

Site location

Coverage: searchable, public/staff field

The view or area shown in the slide. It's desirable to develop internal consistency in this field, so that the same views or areas are always assigned the same terminology. No need to repeat terms from subject fields.


Description: searchable, public/staff field

Narrative of any information of importance not represented elsewhere.

Subjects (Keywords)

Subject: searchable, public/staff field

Keywords describing the content of photo.

Subjects (LCSH)

Subject: searchable, public/staff field

Controlled vocabulary describing the content of photo.

Subjects (Chem Abstracts)

Subject: searchable, public/staff field

Format CASRN 1243-28-8


Coverage: searchable, public/staff field

Geographic coverage for cross database searching (e.g. United States -- Washington (State) -- Saint Helens, Mount.

Digital Collection

Relation-Is Part Of

Mt. St. Helens Post-Eruption Database

Slide ID Number

Resource Identifier: searchable, public/staff field

String of numbers and letters unique to each slide.

Contact info

None: non-searchable, public/staff field

Direct questions to

Copyright statement

Rights: non-searchable, public/staff field

Standard statement of copyright holder, credit line or restrictions on use.

Scan date

None: non-searchable, staff field

Date image was scanned (up to you, may not be needed).

Digital Reproduction Information

Format: non-searchable, staff field

Example, Scanned from a 35mm color slide copied from a photographic print using a Nikon Super Cool Scan LS-2000 at 1350 dpi in JPEG format at compression rate 3 and resized to 768x512 ppi.


Type: searchable, public/staff field

Terms taken from the DCMI Type Vocabulary so a patron may limit searches to image, text, sound, etc.  If more than one term applies, input in same field with <br> between.