Library of Congress Subject Headings Created by Catalogers at the University of Washington Libraries through the SACO Program

Abandoned gold mines

Acacia erioloba

Acacia nigrescens

Advertising--Baking powder

Advertising--Office buildings

Advertising--Soft drinks

Aerial photography in oceanography

African American gay men--Identity

Ahtanum Valley (Wash.)

Ailanthus altissima

Airport Way (Seattle, Wash.)

Akkeshi Bay (Japan)

Alaska Route 2 (Alaska)

Alaska Route 4 (Alaska)

Alero del Diablo (Chile)

Alexander, Lake (N.T.)

Alien labor, Zimbabwean

Alta Mountain (Wash.)

Alta Toquima Village Site (Nev.)

Amateur plays, Chinese

American holly

American sycamore

Amery Ice Shelf (Antarctica)

Anacreontic poetry, Russian

Anaheim Bay (Calif.)


Androctonus crassicauda

Animal clutches

Animals--Effect of fires on

Anonymous writings, Turkish

Anti-war poetry, American

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (Ariz.)



Apodemia paucipuncta

Apponaug Cove (R.I.)

Appropriate Technology Week

Aquatic animal welfare






Arizona State Route 88 (Ariz.)

Army Physical Fitness Test

Artists' writings, French

Asia, Central--Civilization--Islamic influences

Asian American sexual minorities

Asian-Pacific Integrated Model

Asilomar Conference Grounds (Pacific Grove, Calif.)

Asilomar State Beach (Pacific Grove, Calif.)


Atlantic Coast (America)

Atlantic Coast (South Atlantic States)

Atlantic ivy

Aurora Avenue (Seattle and Shoreline, Wash.)

Australasian treecreepers


Austrovenus stutchburyi

Austrovenus stutchburyi fisheries

Autobiographical fiction, Swedish

Avatars (Computer graphics)

Ayubia National Park (Pakistan)


Bagley Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Bailey Range (Wash.)

Bain, Joe (Fictitious character)

Bait markers

Bakers Haulover Inlet (Fla.)

Bakhtiari literature

Bakhtiari poetry

Balanguingui Island (Philippines)

Baldy, Mount (Clallam County, Wash.)

Ballads, Ainu

Ballads, Balinese

Balsam poplar

Bandipur National Park (India)


Bark stripping by animals


Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Battery Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Bauerman Ridge (Wash.)

Bawdy poetry, American

Bawdy poetry, Australian

Bawdy poetry, Catalan

Bawdy poetry, Colombian

Bawdy poetry, English

Bawdy poetry, French

Bawdy poetry, Polish

Bawdy poetry, Romance

Bear Creek (King County, Wash.)

Bear Creek Watershed (King County, Wash.)

Bear Creek (Yukon : Creek)

Bear Head Lake State Park (Minn.)

Bear watching industry

Bearse's robber frog


Bell Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Bellevue Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)


Big Stone Lake State Park (Minn.)

Bildungsromans, American

Bildungsromans, English

Bildungsromans, Spanish

Bildungsromans, Spanish American

Biographical drama, Chinese

Bisexual high school students

Bitternut hickory

Black carp

Black katipo

Black oreo fisheries

Blackfoot Clearwater Game Range (Mont.)

Blakely Rock (Wash. : Rock)

Blank verse, English

Blank verse, German

Blind source separation

Bliss Rapids snail

Block books, Tibetan

Blue Lake (Grant County, Wash.)


Bocaccio fisheries

Bofi (African people)

Bonanza Creek (Yukon)

Borland Valley (N.Z.)

Bosnian language--Technical Bosnian

Bosque Las Lajas (El Salvador)

Boston Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Boundary Stream (Hawke's Bay, N.Z.)

Boylston Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

BPEL (Computer program language)

Breast cancer patients' writings, Japanese

Broadway (Seattle, Wash.)


Brown treecreeper

Bull of the Woods Wilderness (Or.)

Bundala National Park (Sri Lanka)




Cackling goose

Caiman hunting

California Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)


Camel industry

Campbell Rise

Canada goose shooting

Cao Lan language

Cao Lan literature

Cao Lan poetry

Cape Fear shiner

Cape Henry Memorial (Virginia Beach, Va.)

Cape Horn (Chelan County, Wash.)

Capistrano Formation (Calif.)

Captive box turtles

Carya glabra

Cascade River State Park (Minn.)

Cascadia Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Cattai National Park (N.S.W.)

Cedar Creek (Clark County, Wash.)

Cedar Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Central Pomo language

Central Yupik fiction

Centruroides hoffmanni



Chamberlin Glacier (Alaska)

Channeled whelk

Chaplain, Lake (Wash.)



Cheirolepis (Fish)

Cheirolepis canadensis

Chelan Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Chelan Mountains (Wash.)

Children of sexual minority parents

Children's periodicals, Latvian

Children's poetry, Tay-Nung

Children's poetry, Urdu

Children's poetry, Yugoslav

Children's songs, Mordvin

Children's stories, Central Yupik

Children's stories, Komi

Children's stories, Worora

Children's stories, Zulu

Children's writings, Latvian

Children's writings, Romanian

Chinese pond heron

Chinese prose literature--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644

Chinook Pass (Wash.)

Chorispora tenella


Choromytilus meridionalis

Christian literature, Croatian

Christian literature, Danish

Christian literature, Georgian

Christian literature, Latin

Christian literature, Sanskrit


Chuetsu Earthquake, Japan, 2004



City Hall Park (Seattle, Wash.)


Cladodoides wildungensis

Clearwater River (Missoula County, Wash.)

Clearwater River Watershed (Missoula County, Wash.)


Climax locomotives


Clione limacina

Clionidae (Mollusks)

Cloudy Pass (Wash.)

Cloverdale Street (Seattle, Wash.)


Coastal mapping

Coeur d'Alene language

Coffee plantations

Colomac Mine (N.W.T.)

Color vision in infants

Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve (Wash.)

Comedy videos

Coming out (Sexual orientation) in literature

Common chameleon

Common octopus fisheries

Complaint poetry, English (Middle)

Concert films

Concrete poetry, Czech

Concrete poetry, Hindi

Concrete poetry, Slovenian

Coral reef fisheries

Coral reef management

Coral reef restoration

Corn--Age determination

Corn--Roots--Diseases and pests


Cortez Mountains (Nev.)

Counterculture in motion pictures

Counterculture on television

Cowen Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Crawford Place (Seattle, Wash.)

Crete (Greece)--Civilization--Egyptian influences

Crocodile populations

Crow Wing State Forest (Minn.)

Cupping--Religious aspects

Cupping--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]



Cyclone Heta, 2004



Dadaist literature, German

Dahdayla (Wash.)

Danish language--Business Danish

Dearborn Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Death (Personification)

Deep Lake (Grant County, Wash.)

Del City Aqueduct (Okla.)

Demon Princes (Fictitious characters)

Denny Way (Seattle, Wash.)

Desert grassland whiptail

Dexter Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Diablo Powerhouse (Wash.)


Didactic drama, European

Didactic drama, German

Didactic literature, Church Slavic

Didactic literature, Javanese

Didactic literature, Polish

Didactic literature, Romanian

Didactic literature, Tamil

Didactic literature, Thai

Didactic poetry, Arabic

Didactic poetry, Telugu

Didactic poetry, Thai

Diesel buses

Dime novels, American


Dipodidae, Fossil

Dipturus fisheries

Dipturus innominatus fisheries

Dipturus nasutus fisheries

Dock Place (Seattle, Wash.)

Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching industry

Domestic drama, Norwegian

Dong, Yong (Legendary character)

Dong Hua Sao National Biodiversity Conservation Area (Laos)

Drag shows

Dramatists, Sudanese

Dress accessories--Patterns

Drug addiction--Treatment--Religious aspects

Drug addiction--Treatment--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Drug addicts' writings, English

Dry Falls Lake (Wash.)

Dust ingestion

Dust ingestion by animals

Duwamish Head (Wash.)

Eagle Lake Marina (Calif.)

Earthquake damage

East Asia specialists

Eastlake Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Edith's checkerspot

Egypt--Civilization--Cretan influences

Egypt--Civilization--Moroccan influences

Egypt--Civilization--North African influences

Eighty-fifth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs Marine National Nature Reserve (Coral Sea Islands)

Elliott Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Emerald Park (Wash.)

Epic literature, Tibetan

Epic poetry, Achinese

Epic poetry, Braj

Epic poetry, Khmer

Epic poetry, Komi

Epic poetry, Sibo

Epidemics in literature



Epigonus telescopus

Epigonus telescopus fisheries

Epigonus telescopus fisheries--Catch effort



Epipterygium opararense

Epistolary fiction, German

Epistolary fiction, Philippine (English)

Epithelial cells--Electric properties

Escort fighter planes



Esquimalt Lagoon (B.C.)


Euplotes octocarinatus

European Union--Foreign relations





Exiles' writings, Canadian

Exiles' writings, Chinese

Exiles' writings, East European

Exiles' writings, Swiss (German)

Exiles' writings, Ukrainian

Fables, Malay

Fables, Urdu

Fallon Indian Reservation (Nev.)

Father Hennepin State Park (Minn.)

Fathers of prime ministers

Fauntleroy Way (Seattle, Wash.)

Feather River, Middle Fork (Calif.)


Fell's Cave (Chile)

Feminist poetry, Dutch

Feminist poetry, Flemish

Feminist poetry, French

Feminist poetry, French-Canadian

Feminist poetry, German

Feminist poetry, Mexican

Feminist poetry, Tagalog

Feminist poetry, Urdu



Fifteenth Avenue Northeast (Seattle, Wash.)

Fifteenth Avenue West (Seattle, Wash.)

Fifth Avenue Northeast (Seattle, Wash.)

Fifth Avenue Northwest (Seattle, Wash.)

Fiftieth Stree (Seattle, Wash.)

First Avenue West (Seattle, Wash.)

Findlay Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Fishes--Effect of water currents on



Flag Boshielo Dam (South Africa)

Flat River (N.W.T.)

Flounder Bay (Wash.)


Folk drama, Basque

Folk drama, Ghanaian

Folk drama, Oriental

Folk drama, Sanskrit

Folk drama, Slovenian

Folk poetry, Bakhtiari

Folk poetry, Cao Lan

Folk songs, Cao Lan

Folk songs, Chabacano

Forest restoration

Forest restoration--Law and legislation

Forestville State Park (Minn.)

Fortieth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Forty-fifth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Forty-seventh Avenue Southwest (Seattle, Wash.)

Forty-seventh Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Foster Island (Wash.)

Fourth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)


Frank (Fictitious character : Woodring)

Franks casket

Fremont Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Frenchman Coulee (Wash.)

Freshwater invertebrate populations

Freshwater snail populations

Frink Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Fuhrman Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)


Galaxias cobitinis

Gamble, Port (Wash. : Bay)

Garden Valley (Lincoln County and Nye County, Nev.)

Gas wells--Liquid loading

Gay caregivers

Gay discotheques

Gay erotic films

Gay men--Communication

Gay men's writings, Philippine

Gay pride parades

Gay skinheads in motion pictures

Gay teenagers in literature


Gays in the civil service

Gays in the military

Gays' writings, Basque

Gays' writings, Catalan

Gays' writings, Galician

Gays' writings, Portuguese

General Vintter Lake (Argentina and Chile)

Gender identity--Law and legislation

Genypterus blacodes fisheries--Catch effort


Geophagy in animals

Georgia Basin (B.C. and Wash.)

Gersen, Kirth (Fictitious character)

Ghost stories, Philippine (English)




Globigerina, Fossil

Globigerinidae, Fossil

Gluteus medius



Gorge Powerhouse (Wash.)

Grand Portage State Forest (Minn.)

Grand River State Wildlife Area (Wis.)

Grandford Site (England)

Gray butcherbird

Great Fire, Seattle, Wash., 1889

Great Fish River (South Africa)

Great Fish River Valley (South Africa)

Great Mercury Island (N.Z.)

Great Southern Region (W.A.)

Greek language--Written Greek

Green peafowl

Green sturgeon

Greenwood Avenue (Seattle and Shoreline, Wash.)

Haliotis midae

Hanīfah, Wadi (Saudi Arabia)

Harassment in schools

Harder Site (Wash.)

Harvard University--Professional staff

Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve (Heard and McDonald Islands)

Hefner, Lake (Okla.)

Heisler locomotives

Helen Keller Day

Hells Canyon Dam (Idaho and Or.)

Henderson Street (Seattle, Wash.)


Heterocheirodon yatai

Heterosexism in high schools

Heterosexism in higher education

Heterosexism in literature

Heterosexism in medical care

Heterosexism in medicine

Heterosexism in nursing

Heterosexism in schools

High school students' writings, Vietnamese

Hill Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Hin Namno National Biodiversity Conservation Area (Laos)


Historic mines--Interpretive programs

Historical drama, Bulgarian

Historical drama, Hebrew

Historical drama, Latin

Historical drama, Macedonian

Historical drama, Malay

Historical drama, Norwegian

Hoki fisheries

Hoki fisheries--Bycatches

Homophobia--Law and legislation

Homophobia in medical care

Homophobia in medicine

Hoodlums in literature

Hopland dialect

Horror plays, Austrian

Hosting of sporting events--Security measures

House wren

Howe Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Huckleberry industry

Human rights monitoring

Hutsuls in literature


Hymns, Balinese

Hymns, Prakrit

Hymns, Rajasthani

Hymns, Telugu


Hyperlexia in children

Hyperlexic children



Icicle Ridge (Wash.)

Imagist poetry, American

Imagist poetry, Canadian

Imagist poetry, Chinese

Imagist poetry, English

Imagist poetry, French

Imagist poetry, Hindi

Imagist poetry, Russian

Immigrants' writings, Vietnamese

Imperial shag

Important bird areas

Indian Heaven Wilderness (Wash.)

Indian pipe (Plant)

Insects--Effect of altitude on

Institutional repositories

Interlaken Boulevard (Seattle, Wash.)

International Polar Year, 2007-2008

Internet videoconferencing in education

Invertebrate communities

Iran--History--Jangalī movement, 1914-1921


Iriartea deltoidea

Ise Fjord (Denmark)

Isella Glacier (Wash.)

Jaina hymns, Prakrit

Jaina hymns, Rajasthani

Jaina hymns, Sanskrit

Jamaicans in art

Japan--Social conditions--794-1185

Japanese American artists

Japanese American nursing students

Jasus edwardsii fisheries

Jested Mountains (Czech Republic)

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (Fictitious character)

Jupiter, Mount (Wash.)

Kaghan Valley (Pakistan)

Kangaroo meat--Quality

Kauru River (N.Z.)

Kenwood Place (Seattle, Wash.)

Kerr Wildlife Management Area (Tex.)

Kharijites in the Hadith


Khim music

Kickapoo River, West Fork (Wis.)

King Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Klickitat Wild and Scenic River (Wash.)

Knobbed whelk

Komen (The Dutch word)

Komi fiction

Komma (The Swedish word)

Koochiching State Forest (Minn.)

Kurinelli meteorite

Lääne-Eesti saarestik biosfääri kaitsealana (Estonia)

Labrador tea

Lahontan, Lake

Lake Broadwater Conservation Park (Qld.)

Landslide lakes



Las Huertas Canyon (N.M.)

Latin language--Written Latin


Leary Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Leary Way (Seattle, Wash.)

Ledum groenlandicum


Lembadion bullinum

Lenore Lake (Wash.)


Lesbian erotic literature

Lesbian online chat groups

Lesbian teenagers in literature


Leysera gnaphalodes

Liability for harassment

Liability for harassment in schools


Limulus polyphemus fisheries

Little Bois Brule River (Wis.)

Little James Island (Wash.)

Little Wichita River (Tex. and Okla.)

Little Wichita River Watershed (Tex. and Okla.)

Local transit accessibility

Loges (Theaters)

Logging truck accidents

Logging trucks

Love poetry, Belarusian

Lusatian Mountains

Lutherans, Estonian

Lutjanus purpureus

Lyman Glacier (Chelan County, Wash.)

Lyman Lake (Chelan County, Wash.)

Macaronic poetry

Madison Park (Seattle, Wash. : Park)

Mahmiyat 'Uruq Bani Ma'arid (Saudi Arabia)

Male homosexuality in advertising

Male homosexuality in motion pictures

Mariculture--Law and legislation

Mariculture industry

Marine ecosystem management

Market Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Marley, Jacob (Fictitious character)

Mason Bay (N.Z.)

Masques, American

Masques, English

Masques, Korean

Masturbation in animals

Max Lake (Wis.)

Maynard Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

McClellan Butte (Wash.)


Mecinus janthinus


Melomys cervinipes

Melrose Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Mercer Girls

Mercer Island (Wash. : Island)

Meridian Avenue (Seattle and Shoreline, Wash.)

Merluccius capensis

Merluccius capensis fisheries

Mesobuthus caucasicus

Messel family


Metropolitan Tract (Seattle, Wash.)

Methadone abuse

Mexilhao mussel

Mibu Ziran Baohuqu (China)

Michigan, Lake, Coast (Ill.)

Michigan, Lake, Coast (Wis.)


Middle Fork Feather Wild and Scenic River (Calif.)

Miller Bay (Kitsap County, Wash.)

Milodón Cave (Chile)


Mirna River (Croatia)

Misión San Fernando Rey de España de Velicatá Region (Mexico)

Mobile geographic information systems

Mock-heroic literature, English

Mock-heroic literature, German

Mock-heroic literature, Greek

Mock-heroic literature, Polish

Mohawk Valley (Calif.)


Montlake Cut (Seattle, Wash.)

Motion picture plays, American

Motion picture plays, Australian

Motion picture plays, Burmese

Motion picture plays, Chinese

Motion picture plays, English

Motion picture plays, French

Motion picture plays, French-Canadian

Motion picture plays, German

Motion picture plays, Indonesian

Motion picture plays, Italian

Motion picture plays, Japanese

Motion picture plays, Kannada

Motion picture plays, Malayalam

Motion picture plays, Persian

Motion picture plays, Philippine (English)

Motion picture plays, Tamil

Motion picture plays, Turkish

Mount Adams Place (Seattle, Wash.)

Mount Baker Boulevard (Seattle, Wash.)

Mount Baker Wilderness (Wash.)

Mountain films

Mount Jefferson Research Natural Area (Nev.)

Multinational armed forces

Music students

Muskellunge fisheries

Muthurajawela Sanctuary (Sri Lanka)


Myrtle Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Mythology, Kazakh

Nagarahole National Park (India)

Narrative poetry, Latin

National characteristics, Saudi Arabian

National Reserve System (Australia)


Nevada State Route 373 (Nev.)

New Mexico whiptail

Newhalem Powerhouse (Newhalem, Wash.)

Niantic River (Conn.)

Nickerson Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Ningaloo Reef (W.A.)

Noisy-Diobsud Wilderness (Wash.)

Non-coding RNA

North Head (Wash.)

Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument (Hawaii)

Norwegian language--Written Norwegian

Nothofagus fusca

Nototodarus fisheries--Bycatches

Noyo River (Calif.)

Nuns' writings, German

Occasional verse, Danish

Occasional verse, Thai

Occidental Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Ochoco Creek Flood Plain (Or.)

Odes, American

Odes, Australian

Odes, Bengali

Odes, English

Odes, French

Odes, German

Odes, Greek

Odes, Italian

Odes, Latin

Odes, Latin (Medieval and modern)

Odes, Malayalam

Odes, Polish

Odes, Russian

Odes, Spanish


Ohio buckeye

Olive thrush

Olive Way (Seattle, Wash.)

Omens in the Hadith

Online identities

Opal Creek Wilderness (Or.)

Orange roughy fisheries--Catch effort

Orchard, Port (Wash. : Bay)

Oreo fisheries

Oroville Dam (Calif.)


Othello Street (Seattle, Wash.)


Ovarian atresia


Oxytenanthera abyssinica

Oyster mussel

Pacific Islander American sexual minorities

Pacific jumping mouse

Pajaro River Watershed (Calif.)








Pallas's long-tongued bat

Panjevački Rit Site (Serbia)

Papua, Gulf of (Papua New Guinea)




Parapercis colias

Parapercis colias fisheries

Parapercis colias fisheries--Catch effort

Park Lake (Grant County, Wash.)

Parkside Drive (Seattle, Wash.)

Parodies, Danish

Parodies, Marathi

Parodies, Moldavian

Parodies, Urdu

Parodies, Yiddish

Pastoral poetry, German

Paternal custody

Patriotic literature, Assamese

Patriotic literature, English

Patriotic literature, French

Patriotic literature, German

Peasants' writings, Danish

Peasants' writings, Norwegian (Nynorsk)

Pease River (Tex. and Okla.)

Pease RIver Watershed (Tex. and Okla.)


Penaeus chinensis

Penaeus japonicus

Perch Lake (Grant County, Wash.)

Permaculture plants

Pest control baits--Aerial application


Pheasant Branch Conservancy (Wis.)

Pheidole obscurithorax

Phelps Creek (Chelan County, Wash.)

Phenotypic plasticity


Photogrammetry--Digital techniques

Phou Xiang Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area (Laos)



Physicians' writings, German

Physicians' writings, Korean


Pier 66 (Seattle, Wash.)

Pierre Lake (Wash.)

Pig War, Wash., 1859

Pilimatalauva family

Pioneer Mountain Ranch (Idaho)

Plankton culture

Plant size

Plants--Age determination


Pluralism (Social sciences) in Islam


Poets, Siraiki

Polar bear watching industry

Political plays, Danish

Political plays, Slovenian

Political plays, Tamil

Political poetry, Chinese

Political poetry, Czech

Political poetry, Japanese

Political poetry, Kenyan (English)

Political poetry, Tanzanian

Political poetry, Ugandan (English)

Political posters, Vietnamese

Pontiac Bay (Wash.)

Popcorn flowers

Post Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Posters, Vietnamese

Prairie Dog Town Fork Watershed (Tex. and Okla.)

Price Tower (Bartlesville, Okla.)

Prisoners' writings, Indic (English)

Prisoners' writings, Latvian



Prospect Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Prunus africana



Psittacine beak and feather disease

Puerto Rican middle school students

Queen Anne Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Queensland, South East

Quillayute Needles (Wash.)

Quillayute River (Wash.)

Rabbit baits and repellents

Rabbit 3000 (Microprocessor)


Radumeris tasmaniensis

Railroad Creek (Chelan County, Wash.)

Rainier Avenue (Seattle and Renton, Wash.)

Rainier Mesa (Nev.)

Rakiura National Park (N.Z.)

Rangeland health

Rare mayflies

Ravenna Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Ré Island (Vietnam)

Red Hill Site (Pa.)

Redtail prawn

Regression (Psychology) in literature

Reinga, Cape (N.Z. : Cape)

Religious literature, Balinese

Religious literature, Bulgarian

Religious literature, Danish

Religious literature, Dutch

Religious literature, French

Religious literature, Georgian

Religious literature, Greek (Hellenistic)

Religious literature, Hungarian

Religious literature, Low German

Religious literature, Serbian

Religious literature, Welsh


Revolutionary literature, Georgian

Revolutionary literature, Russian

Revolutionary literature, Turkish

Revolutionary poetry, Indic (English)

Rezab Hidupan Liar Krau (Pahang)

Rhodamine B

Rhododendron maximum

Rialto Beach (Wash.)

Richardson Highway (Alaska)

Rincon Island (Calif.)

Rivendell Farm (Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Rock concert films

Rodrigues solitaire

Romance languages--Technical Romance

Roosevelt Way (Seattle, Wash.)

Roseau Lake Wildlife Management Area (Minn.)

Roseau River Wildlife Management Area (Minn.)

Ross Powerhouse (Wash.)

Roy Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Running speed

Russell Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Sabena Flight 548 Crash, 1961

Saint Croix State Forest (Minn.)

Saint Lucians

Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness (Or.)

Salmon River Estuary (Or.)

Salt Fork Watershed (Tex. and Okla.)

Sam Mountain (Vietnam)

San Chay (Asian people)

San Juan Boundary Dispute, 1846-1872

San Rodrigo County (Calif. : Imaginary place)

Sandy Creek (N.T.)

Sandy sprat

Sandy sprat fisheries

Sanguinaria (Genus)

Sardinella lemuru

Sardinella lemuru fisheries


Savary Island (B.C.)


Schmitz Park (Seattle, Wash.)


Sculpture, Lithuanian

Sea poetry, Croatian

Sea poetry, Korean

Sea poetry, Polish

Sea urchin culture

Seafood--Cooperative marketing

Second Avenue West (Seattle, Wash.)

Secondary State Highway 1K (Wash.)

Secondary State Highway 1V (Wash.)

Secondary State Highway 5A (Wash.)

Sedaris family

Seismic waves--Speed

Seneca Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Seventeenth Avenue Northwest (Seattle, Wash.)

Seventh Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Seventh Avenue West (Seattle, Wash.)

Seventieth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Seventy-fifth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Sexual minorities--Identity

Sexual minorities in literature

Sexual minority college students

Sexual minority parents

Shagbark hickory

Shared virtual environments

Shilshole Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Shining gum

Shortspine thornyhead fisheries

Sibo literature

Sibo poetry

Simavi family

Simpson Pass (Churchill County, Nev.)


Sixteenth Avenue Southwest (Seattle, Wash.)

Sixtieth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Sixty-Fifth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Slipper Island (N.Z.)

Smooth muscle--Inflammation

Skyline Trail (Pierce County, Wash.)

Smith Cove (King County, Wash.)

Smooth oreo fisheries

Snail populations

Snake Bank (N.Z.)

Snoqualmie Forest (Wash.)

Snoqualmie River, South Fork (Wash.)

Snow leopard trade

Soap Lake (Grant County, Wash. : Lake)

Social work with adult child sexual abuse victims

Sodium cyanide

Soil mites

Sooty bark disease

Sore Thumb (Wash.)

Source separation (Signal processing)

South West Slopes (N.S.W.)

Southern bluefin tuna fisheries

Southern bluefin tuna fisheries--Bycatches

Southern hake

Southern hake fisheries

Spark ignition engines--Exhaust gas

Spectacled caiman hunting

Spectacled caiman trade

Speeches, addresses, etc., Pakistani

Speeches, addresses, etc., Pakistani (English)

Spiny lobster culture

Spring Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Springfield (Imaginary place)

Stanley Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Starfish culture

Sterculia rogersii

Stewart Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Storm King, Mount (Wash.)

Stormy Mountain (Wash.)

Striped marlin fisheries

Striped marlin fishing

Subculture periodicals

Submarine films

Sudan--History--Darfur Conflict, 2003-

Sugar Loaf Islands Marine Protected Area (N.Z.)

Suicide in mass media

Surprise Valley (Calif. and Nev.)

Surprise Valley/Barrel Springs Back Country Byway (Calif. and Nev.)

Suspension feeders

Swedish language--Business Swedish

Tagalog language--Business Tagalog

Talimena Scenic Drive (Ark. and Okla.)

Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan (Indonesia)

Tan riffleshell

Tandayapa Valley (Ecuador)


Tasmanian eucalyptus leaf beetle

Tatoosh Range (Wash.)

Tatoosh Wilderness (Wash.)

Taxpayer advocates

Taylor Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)


Taylor's checkerspot

Teen films

Teenagers' writings, Romanian

Tembe Elephant Park (South Africa)

Templer Park (Rawang, Selangor)

Tensor fasciae latae

Terry Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Textile fabrics, Cham

Thai language--Business Thai

Thai language--Written Thai

Thais clavigera


Third stream (Music)

Thirty-fifth Avenue Southwest (Seattle, Wash.)

Thirty-first Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Thirty-fourth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Thirty-fourth Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Thistledew ATV Trail (Minn.)

Thomson's gazelle

Thornyhead fisheries

Thracia (Mollusks)

Thracia meridionalis


Three Tree Point (King County, Wash.)

Tillamook Bay Watershed (Or.)

Tintina Gold Province


Top predators

Traditional ecological knowledge--Law and legislation

Trails--Public use

Trapper Creek Wilderness (Wash.)


Trask River Watershed (Or.)

Travelers' writings, Serbian

Travelers' writings, Tibetan

Tree wetas


Trochus (Genus)

Trochus niloticus

Trout Creek Site (Wash.)

Tuhua Marine Reserve (N.Z.)

Tundra vehicles

Turin (Italy)--History--Siege, 1640

Turning (Locomotion)

Twentieth Avenue Northwest (Seattle, Wash.)

Twenty-third Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

UAE Prize for Weather Modification

Underground dance music--Religious aspects

Unicorn Peak (Lewis County, Wash.)

Union Station (Tacoma, Wash.)

Universities and colleges--Professional staff

University Way (Seattle, Wash.)

Unsafe sex

Urban watersheds


Uromys caudimaculatus


ʿUtthayān hǣng Chāt ʿǬp Lūang (Thailand)

Uvac River (Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina)

Vaejovis davidi

Vastus lateralis

Vegetation greenness--Monitoring

Verona Marina (Nicolaus, Calif.)

Verticillium wilt of alfalfa

Victims of hate crimes

Video games industry

Vietnamese provinces

Vietnamese provinces--Economic conditions

Vietnamese provinces--Social conditions

Viral pesticides

Virginia Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Visual poetry, Czech

Visual poetry, Slovenian

Visual poetry, Ukrainian


Vuon quoc gia Tam Dao (Vietnam)

Waikoropupunoa Stream (N.Z.)

Waitresses in art

War poetry, Czech

War poetry, Norwegian

War poetry, Swahili

War poetry, Thai

War poetry, Vietnamese

War rugs

Washington State Route 17 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 104 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 203 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 305 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 407 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 506 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 509 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 512 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 516 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 519 (Seattle, Wash.)

Washington State Route 520 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 522 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 527 (Wash.)

Water currents

Waterberge (Limpopo, South Africa)

Waupaca River (Wis.)

Well-being--Age factors

Well-being--Religious aspects

Well-being--Relitious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

West Marginal Way (Seattle, Wash.)

West Road (Blackwater) River (B.C.)

West Sinter Site (Nev.)

West Tintic Mountains (Utah)

Western Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Western painted turtle

Western pocket gopher

Western rock lobster fisheries

Westview Drive (Seattle, Wash.)

Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area (Qld.)


Whitcomb locomotives

Whited's milkvetch

Whiteleg shrimp

Wichita River (Tex.)

Wichita River Watershed (Tex.)

Widowers' writings

Widowers' writings, English

Widowers' writings, Philippine (English)

Widows' writings, English

Widows' writings, Philippine (English)

Wildwood Park (Bellevue, Wash.)

Wishes in art

Womanism in literature

Women college students in literature

Women in fisheries

Women Nobel Prize winners

Woodbury Tract (S.C.)

Woodland Park Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Woodlawn Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)

Worora fiction

Worora literature

Writers' retreats

Yarding (Logging)

Yellow blossom (Mollusk)

Yellow buckeye

Young adult fiction, Malay

Young adult fiction, Persian

Young adult fiction in libraries

Young adult literature, Polish

Young adult poetry, Malay

Young bisexual men

Young gay men

Youths' writings, Arabic

Youths' writings, Russian

Yucca Flat (Nev.)