Library of Congress Subject Headings Created by Catalogers at the University of Washington Libraries through the SACO Program

Abusive lesbian partners

Academic libraries--Effect of technological innovations on

Acanthopagrus latus


Aerial cinematography

Aerial videography



Aeromonas salmonicida

Ageratum conyzoides


Aialik Bay (Alaska)

Alaksen National Wildlife Area (B.C.)


Algal communities

Alsek River Watershed

Altai-Sayan Ecoregion

Amaranthus pumilus

Ambient intelligence

American eel fisheries

American oystercatcher

Anderson, Mount (Wash.)

Anguilla australis

Animal carcasses--Biodegradation

Animal paleopathology

Animals--Diseases--Molecular aspects

Animals--Effect of forest management on

Animals--Effect of logging on

Animals--Photographic identification

Ant communities

Antipodes Island (N.Z.)


Appleton, Mount (Wash.)

Appleton Pass (Wash.)

Aquatic biological diversity

Aquatic biological diversity conservation

Ararat, Mount (Wash.)

Arvari River (India)


Asterorhombus filifer

Atlantic cod fisheries

Aurora Peak (Pierce County, Wash.)

Australian bass

Australian sea lion

Australian states

Australian states--Politics and government

Authors, Sri Lankan

Avalanche photodiodes

Axial Seamount

Baggins, Bilbo (Fictitious character)

Balonne Floodplain (Qld.)

Balonne River (Qld.)

Barnes, Mount (Wash.)

Barrier island ecology

Bat sounds

Beaked hazelnut

Bear populations

Bearpaw Formation

Beaverfoot River (B.C.)

Beaverfoot River Valley (B.C.)

Belly dancers

Big River Mine (N.Z.)

Bird Island (N.C. and S.C.)

Biscuit Fire, Or. and Calif., 2002

Black box (Plant)

Black cherry

Black cockatoos

Blizzard Pass (Wash.)

Blood in motion pictures

Blue Glacier (Jefferson County, Wash.)

Blue Mountains National Park (N.S.W.)

Boaters (Persons)

Boating surveys

Bogachiel Peak (Wash.)

Booderee National Park (Jervis Bay Territory)

Borah Peak Earthquake, Idaho, 1983

Boulder Peak (Wash.)

Bournda National Park (N.S.W.)

Bournda Nature Reserve (N.S.W.)

Bowen Island (Jervis Bay Territory)

Bowhead whale hunting

Broadwater National Park (N.S.W.)

Bridled nail-tailed wallaby

Brood stock assessment

Brothers, The (Wash.)

Brown falcon

Bull trout fisheries--Catch effort

Bundjalung National Park (N.S.W.)

Burrendong, Lake (N.S.W. : Lake)

Buthus bonito



Caenis latipennis

California hazelnut

Camp Curtis (Wash.)

Canary rockfish

Canyon lizard

Cape Mendocino Earthquakes, Calif., 1992

Captive antelopes

Captive brown teal

Captive Cyanoramphus unicolor

Captive Felidae

Captive keas

Captive Leadbeater's possums

Captive roseate spoonbills

Captive yellowheads

Car sharing

Caraquet Bay (N.B.)


Carbon Glacier (Wash.)

Carrion insects

Casadepaga River (Alaska)

Cascade Pass (Wash.)

Cataloging of trade literature


Cavanaugh, Lake (Wash. : Lake)

Chalfant Valley Earthquake, Calif., 1986 (July 21)

Characters and characteristics in television programs

Charleston Earthquake, S.C., 1886


Chetia brevicauda

Children's Book of the Year Awards

Chile Earthquake, Chile, 1985 (March 3)

Chilkat River Valley (Alaska)

Chinese provinces

Chinese provinces--Economic conditions

Chopaka Mountain (Wash.)

Chopaka Natural Area Preserve (Wash.)

Christie, Mount (Wash.)

Christmas Island National Park (Christmas Island, Indian Ocean)


Chugach National Forest (Alaska)

Citation of archival materials

Citation of public records

Clarence Floodplain (N.S.W.)

Clarence Valley (N.S.W.)

Claywood, Mount (Wash.)


Coal Creek (King County, Wash. : River)

Coal Creek Watershed (King County, Wash.)

Coalinga Earthquake, Calif., 1983


Columbia Crest (Wash.)

Combustion reactors


Condom use

Constance, Lake (Wash.)

Constance, Mount (Wash.)

Cookery (Small game)

Coral reefs and islands--Monitoring

Cornus sericea

Corporal punishment of children

Corporal punishment of children--Law and legislation

Corporal punishment of children--Religious aspects

Corporal punishment of children--Religious aspects--Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

Corporal punishment of children--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Corrigenda Guard Station (Wash.)

Cowlitz Chimneys (Wash.)


Crassadoma gigantea

Crescent, Lake (Wash. : Lake)

Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (B.C.)

Cricket injuries

Cryptantha minima

Dahlak Archipelago (Eritrea)


Dandenong Creek (Vic.)

Dart River (Otago, N.Z.)

Dart River Valley (Otago, N.Z.)

Deas Slough (B.C.)

Deception, Mount (Wash.)

Deer Lake (Clallam County, Wash.)

Des Moines Creek (Wash.)

Des Moines Creek Watershed (Wash.)

Devil's Hole Creek (Wash.)

Devil's Hole Creek Watershed (Wash.)

Dewey (Fictitious character : Disney)


Dipturus innominatus

Dipturus nasutus

Dispersing agents--Effectiveness

Dispersing agents--Effectiveness--Monitoring

Disruptive technologies

Dodwell-Rixon Pass (Wash.)

Doinel, Antoine (Fictitious character)

Domengine Formation (Calif.)

Domestic drama, Japanese

Dosewallips Campground (Wash.)

Dramatists, Danish

Dredging (Fisheries)

Eade House (Hunts Point, Wash.)

Earthquake aftershocks

East Peak (Mount Olympus, Jefferson County, Wash.)

East Sound (Wash. : Bay)

Eastern rat snake

Eel Glacier (Wash.)

Egeria densa

Egeria (Plant genus)

Egg yolk

Electric fishing--Equipment and supplies--Efficiency

Electricity in fishery sciences

Electron Diversion Dam (Wash.)

Electron Flume (Wash.)


Elkhorn Ranger Station (Wash.)

Ellsworth Creek (Wash.)

Ellsworth Creek Watershed (Wash.)

Elwha Basin (Wash.)

Emmons Glacier (Wash.)

Endangered languages

Englishman River (B.C.)

Englishman River Estuary (B.C.)



Epic poetry, Turkish

Eremophila (Birds)

Erie, Lake, Coast (Mich.)

Erie, Lake, Coast (Ohio)

Espoir, Bay d' (N.L.)

Eucalyptus arenacea

Eucalyptus baxteri


Eyre Mountains (N.Z.)


Fenwick Island (Del. and Md.)

Field hockey injuries

Figure skaters

Figure skating coaches

Figure skating--Coaching

Figure skating officials

Film excerpts

Finley Peak (Wash.)

Fire twirling

Fish pond ecology

Fishery sciences

Fishes--Development--Endocrine aspects

Fishes--Diseases--Molecular aspects

Fishes--Effect of acid precipitation on

Fishes--Effect of floods on

Fishes--Effect of odors on

Fishes--Effect of surface active agents on

Fishes--Effect of water acidification on


Fishes--Parasites--Molecular aspects

Fishes--Photographic identification


Fishes--Venom resistance

Flaneurs in motion pictures

Floating islands

Floating islands in literature

Folk drama, Turkish

Folk poetry, Marathi

Folk poetry, Mawchi

Folk poetry, Rajasthani

Food cooperatives

Foreign-body reaction

Forest biological diversity

Forest biological diversity--Effect of air pollution on

Forest biological diversity--Monitoring

Forest biological diversity conservation

Forest biological diversity conservation--Law and legislation

Fort Tejon Earthquake, Calif., 1857

Freshwater mussel culture

Fromme, Mount (Wash.)

Frozen ground--Thermal conductivity

Frozen Lake (Pierce County, Wash.)

Fryingpan Creek (Wash.)

Fryingpan Glacier (Wash.)


Galibi Natuurreservaat (Suriname)

Gay adoption--Law and legislation

Gay and lesbian dance parties

Gay bathhouses

Gay man-heterosexual woman relationships in motion pictures

Gay man-heterosexual woman relationships on television

Gay men on television

Gay men, White

Gay men's writings, South African (English)

Gay online chat groups

Gay youths' writings

Gays--Violence against

General International Standard Archival Description

General International Standard Bibliographic Description

Gentianella scopulorum

Gibraltar Rock (Pierce County, Wash.)

Gillette's checkerspot

Glacial crevasses

Glacier Basin (Pierce County, Wash.)

Glacier Island (Wash.)

Glass knifefishes


God--Buddhist interpretations

Grand Central River (Alaska)

Grand Valley (Colo. and Utah)

Grande de Buba River (Guinea-Bissau)

Granger Drain (Wash.)

Granger Drain Watershed (Wash.)

Grass porgy


Gray petrel

Gray whale hunting

Great black-backed gull

Greater scaup

Grenville, Point (Wash.)

Griselinia (Genus)

Griselinia littoralis


Groundwater recharge

Grouper fisheries--Closures

Guatemala Earthquake, Guatemala, 1976


Gunnera tinctoria


Gymnastics injuries



Hastings Natural History Reservation (Calif.)

Hastings River (N.S.W.)

Hastings River Estuary (N.S.W.)

Hayes River (Wash.)

Hayes River Watershed (Wash.)

Hazard mitigation

Hazard mitigation--Law and legislation

Health education teachers

Heirisson Prong (W.A.)


Helobdella pichipanan

Helobdella wodzickiorum


Hemorrhagic septicemia in fishes

Henderson's needlegrass

Hessong Rock (Wash.)


Heterosexism in gerontology

Heterosexual women in motion pictures

Heterosexual women on television

HIV-positive bisexual men

HIV-positive gay men

Hobbits (Fictitious characters)

Hobbits (Fictitious characters) in art

Hoh Glacier (Wash.)

Holothurian populations

Homestead Valley Earthquakes, Calif., 1979

Homophobia in gerontology

Honey Creek (Murray County, Okla.)

Horned lark

Horse sports injuries

Huey (Fictitious character : Disney)

Human decomposition

Humes Glacier (Wash.)

Humpback whale hunting

Hurunui River, North Branch (N.Z.)

Hurunui River, North Branch, Watershed (N.Z.)

Hurunui River Watershed (N.Z.)

Hypogymnia duplicata

Ice dancers

Ice streams

Iluka Nature Reserve (N.S.W.)

Immigrants' writings, South African (English)

Imperial Valley Earthquake, Calif. and Mexico, 1979

In-line skaters

In-line skating injuries

Indian Bar (Wash.)

Indian Henry's Hunting Ground (Wash.)

Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2004

Insect communities

Insects--Metamorphosis--Endocrine aspects

Insects--Metamorphosis--Genetic aspects

Insects--Metamorphosis--Molecular aspects


Internalized homophobia

Internalized homophobia in lesbians

International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families

International Year of Mountains, 2002

Intertidal organisms

Intravenous drug abusers

Iron Mountain (Pierce County, Wash.)

Irrawong Reserve (N.S.W.)

Irumide Belt (Zambia and Malawi)

John F. Kennedy Space Center Region

Jordan's salamander

Kaimanawa Recreational Hunting Area (N.Z.)

Kamb Ice Stream (Antarctica)


Kawdy Plateau (B.C.)

Keep River (N.T. and W.A.)

Kennedy Creek (Mason County and Thurston County, Wash.)

Kicking Horse Pass (Alta. and B.C.)

Kimta Creek (Wash.)

Klapatche Park (Wash.)

Klapatche Park Trail (Wash.)


Kostromskaia taezhnaia biologicheskaia stantsiia Region (Russia)

Korapuki Island (N.Z.)

Lactobacillus--Genetic engineering

Lahar mitigation

Lake acidification

Lake Twentytwo Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Land use mapping

Langara Island (B.C.)

Laramie Mountains Earthquake, Wyo., 1984

Large-flowered fiddleneck


Lawn bowls injuries

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Fictitious characters)


Leiognathus robustus


Lemmon's needlegrass

Lepreau River (N.B.)

Lepreau River Watershed (N.B.)

Lesbian heroines in literature

Lesbian partner abuse

Letha Creek (Wash.)

Like (The English word)

Lincoln Creek Formation (Wash.)

Lindeman Lake (Stikine, B.C.)


Lithography, Polish

Little Tahoma Peak (Wash.)

Littlehead porgy

Lizard populations

Local transit--Right of way

Local transit--Subsidies

Longspine thornyhead

Loomis Lake (Wash.)

Louie (Fictitious character : Disney)

Love stories, Singapore (English)

Low Divide (Jefferson County, Wash.)

Lowendal Islands (W.A.)

Lower Murray River (S. Aust.)

Lower Murray River Valley (S. Aust.)

Lucite River (Zimbabwe and Mozambique)

Lummi Bay (Wash.)

Lunar volcanism

Lunar volcanoes

Lunch Lake (Wash.)

Lutjanidae fisheries--Closures

Macquarie River Watershed (N.S.W.)

Madagascar fish eagle

Maĭkov family

Mammal remains (Archaeology)

Manning River Estuary (N.S.W.)

Manuscripts, Yao (Southeast Asia)

Margaret Falls (Wash.)

Margaret, Lake (Jefferson County, Wash.)

Marine ecological regions

Marine mammal remains (Archaeology)

Marmosops creightoni

Mars (Planet)--Volcanoes

Martins Park (Wash.)

Masonry Dam (Wash.)

Mawchi language

Mawchi literature

Mawchi poetry

McMurray, Lake (Wash.)

Meany, Mount (Wash.)

Melville Hills (N.W.T.)

Mercury Bay (N.Z.)

Mercury Islands (N.Z.)

Mermaid Reef Marine National Nature Reserve (W.A.)

Metamorphosis--Endocrine aspects

Metamorphosis--Genetic aspects

Metamorphosis--Molecular aspects

Meydenbauer Bay (Wash.)

Michelson, Mount (North Slope Borough, Alaska)

Middle-aged sexual minorities

Middle Island (South Auckland, N.Z.)

Middle Peak (Jefferson County, Wash.)

Mimiwhangata Marine Park (N.Z.)

Minke whale hunting

Mirror Lakes (Wash.)

Mist netting

Miyake family

Modelo Formation (Calif.)

Mollusk culture

Mollusks as laboratory animals

Mooring cables


Morella californica


Motion pictures--French influences

Mystery, Mount (Jefferson County, Wash.)

Mystic Lake (Pierce County, Wash.)

Nail-tailed wallabies



Net sheds

Netball injuries

New Zealand mudsnail

Ngakaroa Stream (N.Z.)

Ngati Kere (New Zealand people)

Ngati Konohi (New Zealand people)

Nguna (Vanuatu)

Nome River (Alaska)

Norfolk Island National Park (Norfolk Island)

North Palm Springs Earthquake, Calif., 1986


Notoryctes caurinus


Nototodarus fisheries

Noyes, Mount (Wash.)

Observation Rock (Wash.)

Ohanapecosh Glacier (Wash.)

Ohanapecosh Park (Wash.)

Ohanapecosh River (Wash.)

Old Desolate (Wash.)

Older sexual minorities

Older women automobile drivers

Olequa Creek (Wash.)

Olequa Creek Watershed (Wash.)


Optical parametric oscillators

Outer planets--Satellites--Atmospheres

Oyster populations

Oyster populations--Estimates

Oyster surveys

Pacific sleeper shark





Palmer Lake (Okanogan County, Wash.)

Panhandle Gap (Wash.)

Paradise Glacier (Wash.)

Parametric oscillators

Parastichopus californicus

Parc national du Banc d'Arguin (Mauritania)

Parents of sexual minority youth

Park Lake Homes (White Center, Wash.)

Patterson River (Vic.)

Pavillon suisse (Paris, France)

Pavonis Mons (Mars)

Penning trap mass spectrometry

Permafrost--Thermal conductivity

Permafrost--Thermal properties

Pest control baits--Formulation

Petrale sole fisheries


Phillips Bay (Yukon)


Photography in wildlife monitoring



Planetary landforms

Planetary volcanoes


Platylampona mazeppa

Plummers Island (Md.)

Poisonous fishes--Venom--Toxicology

Pontoon bridges--Cables

Porcupine River (Yukon and Alaska)

Porcupine River Valley (Yukon and Alaska)

Porcupine River Watershed (Yukon and Alaska)


Prairie restoration

Promise Creek (Wash.)


Propalaeocastor irtyshensis

Prose poems, Turkish

Proteaceae, Fossil

Proteales, Fossil


Pseudocheirus peregrinus

Pterois miles


Pulp painting


Pyramid Peak (Pierce County, Wash.)

Queen's University Biological Station Region (Ont.)

Queets Basin (Wash.)

Queets, Mount (Wash.)

Quinault Formation (Wash. and Or.)

Quinault River, North Fork (Wash.)

Racket game injuries

Rainbow mussel

Rainier Vista (Seattle, Wash. : Planned community)

Rajiformes, Fossil


Rat baits and repellents--Formulation

Rear-end collisions

Red porgy

Red porgy fisheries

Red porgy fisheries--Closures

Red sea urchin fisheries

Red-capped robin

Red-tailed black cockatoo

Register Rock (Wash.)


Rhabdosargus sarba

Riske Creek (B.C. : Creek)

River blackfish

Riverfront Park (Spokane, Wash.)

Rocky Road Site (Wash.)

Rodenticide resistance

Roe's abalone

Roe's abalone fisheries

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest (Or. and Calif.)

Rota bridled white-eye

Rubber plantations

Rubber plantations--Law and legislation

Russian Island (Or.)

Ruth, Mount (Wash.)


Saffron cod

Saffron cod fisheries

Saint Elmo Pass (Wash.)

Saint George Sound (Fla.)

Saint Vincent Sound (Fla.)

Salmon farming

Salmon farming--Law and legislation

Same-sex partner abuse

San Gorgonio Pass (Calif.)

Santa Barbara Earthquake, Calif., 1978

Santalum spicatum

Saturn (Planet)--Satellites--Atmospheres

Sauk Mountain (Wash.)

Scabies in wombats

Scatophagidae (Fish)



Scotts Mills Earthquake, Or., 1993

Seattle Creek (Jefferson County, Wash.)

Seattle, Mount (Wash.)

Seattle Park (Wash.)

Senecio glastifolius

Sentinel Peak (Jefferson County, Wash.)

Seven Creeks (Strathbogie Shire, Vic.)

Seven Lakes Basin (Wash.)

Sewage sludge--Thickening


Sexual minority students

Sexual minority youth

Shortraker rockfish

Sigaus childi

Sihwa Lake (Korea)

Silt Creek (Wash.)

Silver Lake (Cowlitz County, Wash. : Lake)

Single heterosexual women

Sister Rocks Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Skating films

Skink populations

Skykomish River Watershed (Wash.)

Sleeper sharks

Slender-billed prion

Small game animals

Small Island (N.L.)

Snowboarding injuries

Snowdrift River (N.W.T.)

Social work with rural women

Softball injuries

Soil biological diversity

Soil microbial ecology

Sol Duc Falls (Wash.)

Sol Duc Park (Wash.)

Sol Duc River (Wash.)

Solomon River (Alaska)

Songs, Estonian

South Monomoy Island (Mass.)

South Tahoma Glacier (Wash.)

Sperm whale hunting

Spokane Falls (Wash. : Waterfall)

Sportsmans Lake (Wash.)

Spray Falls (Pierce County, Wash.)

Spray Park (Wash.)

Springboards (Logging)

Spyboy (Fictitious character)

Squash injuries

Squaxin Island (Wash.)

Squirrel glider

Stars with planets

Staunton River (Madison County, Va.)


Sternal gland


Stevens-Van Trump Historical Monument (Wash.)

Stillwater Creek (Cowlitz County and Lewis County, Wash.)

Stingrays, Fossil

Stokes Point (Yukon)

Streaked horned lark

Stream restoration--Monitoring

Stream salinity

Stubbs Island (Alberni-Clayoquot, B.C.)

Subculture films

Submarine volcanoes

Submerged lands--Law and legislation

Success Glacier (Wash.)

Success, Point (Wash.)

Suicide victims' writings

Suicide victims' writings, Russian

Sumatra Earthquake, 2004

Summer Land (Wash.)

Sunset Park (Pierce County, Wash.)

Surprise birthday parties

Swamp Thing (Fictitious character)

Swartkops River Estuary (South Africa)

Symphoricarpos albus

Sydney rock oyster

Synchronized skating

Synchronized skating--Coaching

Tahoma Glacier (Wash.)

Taiga animals

Taiga Biological Station Region (Man.)

Taiya River (Alaska)

Taiya River Valley (Alaska)



Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (Tas.)

Telkwa Range (B.C.)

Telkwa River (B.C.)

Terrick Terrick National Park (Vic.)

Tharsis Montes (Mars)

Thrillers (Motion pictures, television, etc.)--Parodies, imitations, etc.


Tick Canyon Formation (Calif.)

Tinamidae, Fossil

Tinamiformes, Fossil

Titan (Satellite)--Atmosphere

Tokaloo Rock (Wash.)

Toker Point (N.W.T.)

Toleration--Religious aspects

Tolmie Peak (Wash.)

Tongass National Forest (Alaska)

Trade literature




Treadmills (Exercise equipment)

Tree farms--Water requirements

Trinity River, South Fork (Calif.)

Trinity River, South Fork, Watershed (Calif.)

Troglodytes (Bird genus)

Trout cod

Tube lichens

Turkey--History--Murad III, 1574-1595

Turkish prose literature

Two-spined blackfish

Ua Pou (French Polynesia)

Ugamak Island (Alaska)

Upland Earthquake, Calif., 1999



Venom resistance

Venus (Planet)--Volcanism

Vertebrate surveys

Veterinary parasitology--Molecular aspects


Vine maple

Volleyball injuries

Volunteer workers in engineering

Wadham Islands (N.L.)

Walker Pass (Calif.)

Walrus hunting

Warriewood Wetland (N.S.W.)

Water salinization--Control

Watershed restoration--Monitoring

Wauhaukaupauken Falls (Wash.)

Weer Rock (Wash.)

West Peak (Mount Olympus, Jefferson County, Wash.)

Western barred bandicoot

Western Port (Vic.)

Western Port Watershed (Vic.)

Western rat snake

Western scrub jay

Western tragopan

Westlake Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)


Whatcom Creek (Wash.)

Whatcom Creek Watershed (Wash.)

Whiskey Jack Forest (Ont.)

White-bellied fish eagle

White Chuck Mountain (Wash.)

White Glacier (Jefferson County, Wash.)

White whale hunting

Whittier Narrows Earthquake, Calif., 1987

Wild Dog Creek (Colac Otway Shire, Vic.)

Wildlife diseases--Molecular aspects

Willis Wall (Wash.)

Windmill Islands (Antarctica)

Winter wren

Winthrop Glacier (Wash.)

Wolf Bar Campsite (Wash.)

Women figure skaters

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy


Yakima Park (Wash.)

Yellow-bellied glider

Yellow Island Preserve (Wash.)

Yet (The English word)


Zaraasuchus shepardi

Zoological surveys