Some of the Library of Congress Subject Headings Created by Catalogers at the University of Washington Libraries through the SACO Program

Aboré Reef (New Caledonia)

Agincourt Reefs (Qld.)

Animal cages


Animals in logging

Brittle prickly pear

Burke Gilman Trail (Wash.)

California Current

Charity golf tournaments

Charity sports events

Children of teenage mothers

Chir pine

Chitons, Fossil

Conservation plants

Coral reefs and islands--Interpretive programs

Coral trout fishing

Dragon's Den (Poland)

Drive-by shootings

Drugged driving



East Bay (Wash.)

Epic poetry, Pushto

Estuaries--Interpretive programs

Evergreen Point Bridge (Medina and Seattle, Wash.)


Feral sheep

Firearms and crime

Fisherman Bay (Wash.)


Fork-tailed storm petrel

Freeling Plateau (S. Aust.)

Fulbright scholars

Fulbright scholarships

Gay business enterprises

Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)

Gods, Vietnamese

Green River Valley (King County, Wash.)

Guenther's dik-dik

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve (B.C.)

Hazarajat (Afghanistan)

Health facilities--Earthquake effects

Hemlock dwarf mistletoe

Homolovi Ruins (Ariz.)

Iceberg Point (Wash.)



Infant girls

International business enterprises--Rankings

Kanha Tiger Reserve (India)

Karksi dialect

King eider

Landscape architectural projects

Lady Louse (Legendary character)

Lane lines (Roads)

Lesser scaup

Lopez Island (Wash.)


Man Nuong (Buddhist deity)

Manannán mac Lir (Celtic deity)

Marine bioremediation

Marine parks and reserves--Public use

Marine scientists

Matschie's tree kangaroo

Medical laws and legislation (Islamic law)

Mulgi dialect

Nimpkish River (B.C.)

Nimpkish River Valley (B.C.)

Northern Pacific rattlesnake

Oldfield Estuary (W.A.)

Olympian (Express train)

Ostrich products industry

Pacific madrone

Pacific salmon fisheries--Climatic factors



Palomino Buttes (Or.)

Patagonian toothfish

Pearl perches

Phonograph turntables

Proverbs, Cham

Rayleigh flow

Resort development

Riddles, Cham

Samet Island (Rayong, Thailand)

Sarvodaya movement

Seawater--Amino acid content

Sequential injection analysis

Sir Joseph Banks Group (S. Aust.)

Skagit Delta Surficial Aquifer (Wash.)

Skagit River Delta (Wash.)

Spotted bat

Stokes Inlet (W.A.)

Teachers' contracts

Titis (Mammals)

Tufted puffin

Walla Walla Surficial Aquifer (Wash.)

Walla Walla Valley (Or. and Wash.)

Washington, Lake, Watershed (Wash.)

Western grebe

Western harvest mouse

Western rattlesnake

Women marine scientists

Women poets, Vietnamese

Working elephants

Zoological horticulture