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Research and Learning Services Organizational Chart

University of Washington Libraries Organizational Chart for Research and Learning Services

Senior Associate Dean, Research and Learning Services, Lauren Pressley

Access Services

    Director of Access Services, Kirsten Spillum

    Branch Operations

    • Branch Operations Daily Operations Supervisor, Dan Halligan
      • Branch Operations Student Supervisor-Day, Carissa Maben
      • Branch Operations Student Supervisor-Day, Laura Leslie
      • Branch Operations Student Supervisor-Evening, vacant.
    • Branch Operation Staff Supervisor, Sarah Blenko
      • Public Services Technician, Andrew Charletonjones
      • Public Services Technician, Emily Klemkow
      • Public Services Technician, Jesse Lowe
      • Public Services Technician, Kimberly Medicis
      • Public Services Technician, Melinda Sandstedt
      • Public Services Technician, Melissa Fallon
      • Public Services Technician, Molly Callison
      • Public Services Technician, Rebecca Cavanaugh

      Central Circulation

      • Circulation Supervisor- Day, Leah Culpin
        • Public Services & Collection Maintenance Technician, Allen Christian
      • Circulation Supervisor-Evening, Jenny Mount
        • Public Services & Collection Maintenance Technician, Conrad Schaffer Vignati
      • Daily Operations Supervisor, Jordan Ingalls
        • Receiving & Distribution Technician, Amanda Franz
        • Receiving & Distribution Technician, Annie Moorhead
        • Sand Point Retrieval Specialist, Bobby Smolinsky
        • Sand Point Retrieval Technician, vacant
      • Circulation and Government Publications Specialist, Tan Nguyen
      • Library Specialist, Patricia Rodeman

      Interlibrary Loan

      • Borrowing and Summit Supervisor, Bernard Noll
        • Borrowing and Summit Specialist, Bota
        • Borrowing and Summit Technician, Bronson Dowd
        • Summit Technician, Jennifer Rossie
      • Lending and Document Delivery Supervisor, Jesse Palek-Zahn
        • ILL Scanning Lead, Alan Presley
        • Lending and Document Delivery Technician, Hanson Vuong
        • Lending and Document Delivery Technician, Taylor Dean

      Library Account Services

      Library Account Services Manager, Rebecca Southwick

      • Appeals Coordinator, Joel Lammers
      • Collections Coordinator, Abigail R

      Assessment and Planning

      Director of Assessment and Planning/Strategic Projects Librarian, Jackie Belanger

      • Assessment and Data Visualization Librarian, Maggie Faber
      • Data Visualization Librarian, Negeen Aghassibake

      Atsuhiko and Ina Goodwin Tateuchi East Asia Library

      Interim Director, Tateuchi East Asia Library/Korea Studies Librarian, Hyokyoung Yi

      • China Studies Librarian (temporary), Lucy Li
      • Japan Studies Librarian, Azusa Tanaka
      • Access Services Supervisor, vacant
        • Access Services Technician, vacant
        • Access Services Technician, vacant


      Communications Director, Sandy Hawley

        Facilities and Events

        Director of Libraries Facilities Operations and Events, Linda Ambre (also Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries)

        • Events Program Specialist, vacant
        • Facilities Manager, Brad Van Horne
          • Facilities and Rentals Coordinator, Benny Souriyadeth
        • Office of the Dean Administrative Assistant, Nan Holmes

        Health Sciences Library

        Interim Director, Health Sciences Library, Jenny Muilenburg

        Administration & Facilities

        Assistant to the Associate Dean for HS and Facilities Manager, Hendeke Araya

        User Experience

          HSL and Active Edge Library Supervisor, Margaret Holt

          • Information Services Library Tech Lead, Frank Stieber
          • User Experience Evening Lead, Amber Atkins
          • User Experience Technician, Jaz Windsor

            Clinical Research & Data Services

            Director, Clinical Research & Data Services (CRDS), Electra Enslow

            • Team Science and Research Services Librarian, Teresa Jewell
            • Medicine and Research Services Librarian, Rachel Blume
            • Collection Librarian and Research Services Librarian, Leslie Gascon
            • Nursing and Research Services Librarian, Caitlin Maloy
            • Research Impact & Social Work Librarian, vacant

              Administrative Services

              • Administrative Services Assistant, Val Pendleton

              Computing & Systems

              Director, Systems, Adam Garrett

              • Public Health and Research Services Librarian (temporary), Leah DeSantis
              • Grants Administration and Special Project Librarian, Michael Moore
              • HEAL-WA Web Specialist, Kerry Kirk
              • Linux Administrator, Deric Ruhl
              • Senior Computer Specialist, Paul Ludecke

              Print & Electronic Resources

              Supervisor, Library Specialist, Meryl McDonald

              • Library Technician III, Sarita Thayil

              Learning Services

              Interim Director of Learning Services/Head of Instructional Design and Outreach Services, Robin Chin Roemer

              • Learning Services Program Assistant, Emily Ruder

              Curriculum Support

              Head of Curriculum, Kathleen Collins

              • American Ethnic & American Indian Studies Librarian, Harry Murphy
              • Collections Coordinator & Anthropology Librarian, Anne-Marie Davis
              • Education Librarian, vacant
              • Expository Writing Librarian, John Holmes
              • Open Education Librarian, Lauren Ray

              Instructional Design and Outreach

              Interim Director of Learning Services/Head of Instructional Design and Outreach Services, Robin Chin Roemer

              • Integrated Social Science & Online Learning Librarian, Reed Garber-Pearson
              • Senior Online Learning Support Manager, Perry Yee

              OUGL Access and Building Services

              Head, Odegaard Access and Building Services, Jinny Sanders

              • Access Services Technician, vacantp
              • Building and Events Services Supervisor, Lynda Ekins
              • Daytime Supervisor, Christine Jew
                • Access Services Technician, Michael Ackerman
              • Evening Supervisor, Melissa Logan
                • Access Services Technician, Em Ready
                • Sunday and Evening Program Assistant, Kim Murphy
              • Night and Sunday Supervisor, Sunshine King
                • Night and Sunday Technician, Natalie Brown

              Student Success

              Head of Student Success, Amanda Hornby

              • First Year Experience Librarian, Linda Whang
              • Undergradaute Experience Librarian, Emilie Vrbancic

              Research Services

              Director of Research Services, vacant

              Branch Liaisions

              Co-Interim Director for Research Services, Jason Sokoloff

              Built Environments Library

                Head of Built Environments Library, Alan Michelson

                Engineering Library

                Head of Engineering Library and Head of Mathematics Research Library, Mel Desart

                • Assistant Head of Engineering Library, Christina Bryne
                • Engineering Information Services Librarian, Julie Cook
                • Mathematical & Computer Sciences Librarian, Kira Wyld

                Foster Business Library

                Head of Foster Business Library, Business Research & Instruction Librarian, Jason Sokoloff

                • Business Research & Instruction Librarian, Jessica Jerrit
                • Business Research & Instruction Librarian, Maggie Mahoney

                Music, Drama, and Arts Libraries

                Head of Music, Drama & Arts Libraries, vacant

                • Arts and Humanities Librarian/Arts and Humanities Liaison Team Leader, Dylan Burns
                • Music and Arts Librarian (temporary), Kathryn Miller
                • Fine & Performing Art Librarian, Madison Sullivan


                Co-Interim Director for Research Services, Jessica Albano

                • Online Reference Services/Information Science, Alyssa Deutschler

                Government Publications, Maps, Microforms and Newspapers

                Head of Government Publications, Maps, Microforms and Newspapers, Jessica Albano

                • Geography & Global Studies Librarian, Kian Flynn
                • Geospatial Data and Maps Librarian/Sciences Liaison Team Leader, Matthew Parsons
                • Government Publications, Microforms, and Newspapers Technician, Marc-Albert Vandermeerssche
                • Maps & Public Services Supervisor, Eric Flores
                • Microforms, Newspapers, and Public Services Specialist, Terry Kato
                • Microforms, Newspapers, and Public Services Technician, Barbara Miles
                • U.S. Documents Librarian, Cassandra Hartnett

                Information Services

                Head of Operations, Research Services, Adam Hall

                • Library Technician, Camille Nagasawa
                • Library Technician, Mark Kelly

                Research Commons

                Head of Research Commons and Social Sciences Liaison Team Leader, Madeline Mundt

                • English Studies and Research Commons Librarian, Elliott Stevens

                Liaison Teams

                Co-Interim Director for Research Services, Emily Keller

                • Head, Friday Harbor Library/Marine & Environmental Science Librarian, Maureen Nolan
                  • Biological Sciences & Science Research Data Services Librarian, Sally Pine
                  • Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy Librarian, Susanne Redalje
                  • Life Sciences Librarian, Diana Louden
                  • Science Reference Librarian, Kari Anderson
                • History Librarian, Theresa Mudrock
                • Nordic Studies & Linguistics Librarian/Assistant Teaching and Learning Program Librarian, Dan Mandeville
                • Political Science & Public Affairs Librarian, Emily Keller
                  • South Asian Studies Librarian, Deepa Banerjee
                • Romance Languages & Literature Librarian, Deb Raftus

                Scholarly Communication and Publishing

                Interim Director of Scholarly Communication & Publishing, Verletta Kern

                • Copyright Librarian, Maryam Fakouri
                • Digital Scholarship Librarian, Verletta Kern
                  • Open Scholarship Commons Computer Support Analyst, Gabriel Gonzalez
                • Research Data Services Librarian, Jenny Muilenburg
                • Scholarly Publishing Outreach Librarian, Elizabeth Bedford