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Research and Learning Services Organizational Chart

University of Washington Libraries Organizational Chart for Research and Learning Services-August 2022

Senior Associate Dean, Research and Learning Services, Lauren Pressley

Access Services

    Central Circulation, Branch Operations Services and Library Account Services

    Head of Central Circulation & Account Services, Kirsten Spillum

    Branch Operations

    • Branch Operations Daily Operations Supervisor, Dan Halligan
      • Branch Operations Student Supervisor-Day, Jesse Palek-Zahn
      • Branch Operations Student Supervisor-Day, Laura Leslie
      • Branch Operations Student Supervisor-Evening, Mark Young
    • Branch Operation Supervisor, David Frappier
      • Public Services Technician, vacant
      • Public Services Technician, Grace Welch
      • Public Services Technician, Julie Rogers
      • Public Services Technician, vacant
      • Public Services Technician, vacant
      • Public Services Technician, Meredith Weinstock
      • Public Services Technician, vacant
      • Public Services Technician, Melinda Sandstedt

    Central Circulation

    • Circulation Supervisor- Day, Leah Culpin
      • Public Services & Collection Maintenance Technician, Caitlin Reed
    • Circulation Supervisor-Evening, Jenny Mount
      • Public Services & Collection Maintenance Technician, Allen Christian
    • Daily Operations Supervisor, Jordan Ingalls
      • Receiving & Distribution Technician, Annie Moorhead
      • Receiving & Distribution Technician, Amanda Franz
      • Sand Point Retrieval Specialist, Bobby Smolinsky
    • Circulation and Government Publications Specialist, Tan Nguyen
    • Library Specialist, Patricia Rodeman

    Library Account Services

    Library Account Services Manager, Rebecca Southwick

    • Appeals Coordinator, Joel Lammers
    • Collections Coordinator, vacant

    Interlibrary Loan

    Head of Inter-Library Loan & Document Delivery Services, Vacant

    • ILL South Supervisor, vacant
      • ILL South Lead Library Technician, vacant
      • ILL South Library Technician, Hanson Vuong
    • ILL North Supervisor, Bernard Noll
      • ILL Borrowing Technician, C. Bota
      • ILL North Borrowing Lead, Vacant
      • ILL North Scanning Lead, Alan Presley
      • Summit Technician, Jennifer Rossie

    Assessment and Planning

    Director of Assessment and Planning, Jackie Belanger

    • Assessment and Data Visualization Librarian, Maggie Faber
    • Data Visualization Librarian, Negeen Aghassibake


    Communications Director, Sandy Hawley

      Facilities and Events

      Director of Libraries Facilities Operations and Events, Linda Ambre (also Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries)

      • Events Program Specialist, vacant
      • Facilities Manager, Brad Van Horne
        • Facilities and Rentals Coordinator, Benny Souriyadeth
      • Office of the Dean Administrative Assistant, Nan Holmes

      Information Technology Services & Digital Strategies

      Director of Information Technology Services & Digital Strategies, Vacant

      Integrated Library Systems

      Head, Integrated Library Systems, Anne Pepitone

      IT Service Strategy and Delivery

      Head, IT Service Strategy & Delivery, Joanne Rich

      • GIS Infrastructure and Support Specialist, Allison Anderson
      • Resource Discovery and Library Management Systems Coordinator, Anne Pepitone


      Head of Systems & Infrastructure, Anjanette Young

      • Developer, Jeffery Sherwood
      • DevOps Engineer, Ian Dotson
      • Programmer, Anne Graham
      • System Administrator, David Pham
      • System Administrator, Amy Shepherd
      • System Administrator, Trevor Turner

      User Support

      Head, User Support Services, Aimee Hirahara

      • Computer Support Analyst, vacant

      Web Services

      Head of Web Services, Christine Tawatao

      • Accessibility Coordinator, Vacant
      • Developer, Dave Tolmie
      • Digital Projects Designer, vacant

      Learning Services

      Director of Learning Services/Strategic Projects Librarian, John Danneker

      • Learning Services Program Assistant, Emily Ruder

      Curriculum Support

      Head of Curriculum, Kathleen Collins

      • American Ethnic & American Indian Studies Librarian, Harry Murphy
      • Collections Coordinator & Anthropology Librarian, Anne-Marie Davis
      • Education Librarian, vacant
      • Expository Writing Librarian, John Holmes
      • Open Education Librarian, Lauren Ray

      Instructional Design and Outreach

      Head of Instructional Design and Outreach Services, Robin Chin Roemer

      • Integrated Social Science & Online Learning Librarian, Reed Garber-Pearson
      • Senior Online Learning Support Manager, Perry Yee

      OUGL Access and Building Services

      Head, Odegaard Access and Building Services, Jinny Sanders

      • Access Services Technician, Taylor Richardson
      • Daytime Supervisor, Christine Jew
      • Evening Supervisor, Melissa Logan
        • Access Services Technician, Michael Ackerman
        • Access Services Technician, Em Ready
        • Overnight Library Technician, Michael Harkovitch
      • Overnight Supervisor, Sunshine King
        • Overnight Program Assistant, Kim Murphy
      • Program Support Supervisor, Lynda Ekins

      Student Success

      Head of Student Success, Amanda Hornby

      • First Year Experience Librarian, Linda Whang
      • Undergradaute Experience Librarian, Emilie Vrbancic

      Reference and Research Services

      Director of Research Services, Nancy Huling

      • Head of Built Environments Library, Alan Michelson
      • Ethnomusicology Archivist & Recorded Sound Librarian, John Vallier
        • Marine & Environmental Science Librarian/Sciences Liaison Team Leader, Maureen Nolan
          • Biological Sciences & Science Research Sata Services Librarian, Sally Pine
          • Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy Librarian, Susanne Redalje
          • Life Sciences Librarian, Diana Louden
          • Science Reference Librarian, Kari Anderson
          • STEM Librarian, Kira Wyld
        • Online Reference Services/Information Science, Alyssa Deutschler
        • Political Science & Public Affairs Librarian/ Social Sciences Liaison Team Leader, Emily Keller
          • South Asian Studies Librarian, Deepa Banerjee
        • Romance Languages & Literature Librarian/Arts & Humanities Liaison Team Leader, Deb Raftus
          • Nordic Studies & Linguistics Librarian/Assistant Teaching and Learning Program Librarian, Dan Mandeville
          • History Librarian, Theresa Mudrock

        Engineering Library

        Head of Engineering Library and Head of Mathematics Research Library, Mel Desart

        • Assistant Head of Engineering Library, Christina Bryne
        • Engineering Information Services Librarian, Julie Cook

        Foster Business Library

        Head of Foster Business Library, Business Research & Instruction Librarian, Jason Sokoloff

        • Business Research & Instruction Librarian, Jessica Jerrit
        • Business Research & Instruction Librarian, Amanda Pirog

        Government Publications, Maps, Microforms and Newspapers

        Head of Government Publications, Maps, Microforms and Newspapers, Jessica Albano

        • Geography & Global Studies Librarian, Kian Flynn
        • Geospatial Data and Maps Librarian, Matthew Parsons
        • Government Publications, Microforms, and Newspapers Technician, Marc-Albert Vandermeerssche
        • Maps & Public Services Supervisor, Christina Blomquist
        • Microforms, Newspapers, and Public Services Specialist, Terry Kato
        • Microforms, Newspapers, and Public Services Technician, Barbara Miles
        • U.S. Documents Librarian, Cassandra Hartnett

        Information Services

        Head of Operations, Reference and Research Services, Adam Hall

        • Library Technician, Mark Kelly
        • Library Technician, Camille Nagasawa

        Music, Drama, and Arts Libraries

        Head of Music, Drama & Arts Libraries, vacant

        • Arts and Humanities Librarian, Dylan Burns
        • Music and Arts Librarian, Kathryn Miller
        • Fine & Performing Art Librarian, Madison Sullivan

        Research Commons

        Head of Research Commons, Madeline Mundt

        • English Studies and Research Commons Librarian, Elliott Stevens

        Scholarly Communication and Publishing

        Director of Scholarly Communication & Publishing, Gordon Aamot

        • Copyright Librarian, Maryam Fakouri
        • Digital Scholarship Librarian, Verletta Kern
          • Open Scholarship Commons Technician Lead, vacant
        • Research Data Services Librarian, Jenny Muilenburg
        • Scholarly Publishing Outreach Librarian, Elizabeth Bedford